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New Life, New Me. Before attending the photography class my life was grey, lifeless and flat. Since attending the class I now live in colour. Going to get eye surgery was the best decision of my life. My second best was taking photography with Aga. Life through a lens sits well for reclusive hermits, my snapchats are way more filtered and screen shot more often… my main goal for my new career is my parents never find out about my snapchats.
— Derek Hughes
Click, Click, Click! I love my new camera. I love taking photos of skinny bitches.
— Mr Arsenic
Shelling out for that Andy Warhol Picture was the next natural step after taking Aga’s beginner photography class. I think it will inspire me, and I’m hoping the enormous debt I’ve gotten myself in will motivate me. If I ever get back on my feet I’ll upgrade from my disposable camera.
— Laura-Ann Brady
Shutter speed, light, ISO, aperture are just some of the terms Aga harps on about in her photography class. But mainly its just good fun and I learned my camera does more than take ridiculously good selfies of sexy aul me :)
— Tadhg Luby
Having gone to Aga’s photography class I think I have the eye for some serious amazeballs pics. Next stop Vogue, Vanity Fair, New York Fashion week and maybe one day I’ll fulfil my dream of taking photos for Playboy.
— Maeve Flynn
I knew Aga’s photography class was right for me, for years I’ve been living a champagne lifestyle. Im now trying to clean up my act and get off the drink.
— Sarah Scanlan
I was tired, sad, and had a dark cloud over me. I was about to snap, but where better to snap away and learn loads about my new camera? Aga’s Camera classes were so much fun, it really brightened me up.
— Aoife Coghlan